Market Analysis and Segmentation

International Healthcare Company

MEDICALBOARD was assigned to realize a customer segmentation across different application areas and sales channels. By activating our personal network we were able to design and realize interviews in all application areas on short notice, gather evidence on different customer groups and define market segments for the first time. Based on our research results and competitor analysis, MEDICALBOARD gave a sound recommendation for further development steps.

Achievement Medicalboard

We proved that in order to be successful, different products would be needed for each market segment and the market potential would be too small in each segment as a result. The management team followed our recommendation to re-define their priorities in R&D.

Value Proposition and Key Messaging

Swiss SME Company Medical Devices

MEDICALBOARD was appointed to design a workshop aimed to develop a value proposition with the team and to derive a clear messaging and consistent visuals adapted to different communication channels. Apart from conducting comprehensive research and customer interviews in preparation of the workshop, MEDICALBOARD was responsible for the workshop moderation and summary. We also took the project lead with internal and external partners to roll-out the company’s value proposition and messaging.

Achievement Medicalboard

As a result of numerous interviews with different stakeholders, MEDICALBOARD managed to shift the focus away from technology and more towards patients and users thus ensuring that communication is focusing on user benefits and target group specific areas of use.