Development & Launch of a Multilingual Sales App

Global Player for Medical Devices and Hospital Solutions

MEDICALBOARD was selected to lead the development of a multilingual sales app. Heading an interdisciplinary team across all business functions MEDICALBOARD had to consider the client’s worldwide quality standards as well as local regulatory and legal requirements in the development process. We evaluated and prioritized the content for each target group considering all relevant technical interfaces with different in-house technologies and platforms. The sales app was launched in five different languages.

Achievement Medicalboard

We developed and launched a new multilingual sales app heading an interdisciplinary team across all business functions. This project required strong communication skills and the ability to prioritize and deliver results quickly. MEDICALBOARD launched the sales app in five different languages in a very limited amount of time.

Improvement of Online Awareness and Recognition

Swiss SME Medical Devices

MEDICALBOARD was hired to improve the company’s homepage and to roll-out a pilot for social media and online promotion together with internal and external partners. The project scope consisted of the re-design of the client’s website including visuals and content as well as SEO optimization. In addition MEDICALBOARD was asked to set the focus on peer-to-peer communication resulting in an online promotion pilot which contained tutorials, webinars and a new customer portal.

Achievement Medicalboard

We initiated a first pilot and gathered comprehensive results on how to improve the overall awareness and recognition of the company by using multiple online channels and consistent messaging.