MedTech Company for Regenerative Implants

MEDICALBOARD was hired to perform a thorough business potential analysis to define the strategic positioning of our client’s business and products. The project scope went from creating a qualitative overview of all indications to conducting a comprehensive competitor analysis. After reviewing the clinical positioning we were able to identify the key success factors, to recommend the right market entry strategy and to develop a unique value proposition.

Achievement Medicalboard

We worked with this client for three years starting from prototype phase 1 and helped to set the right strategic priorities going forward. Today this company has grown to be a successful, international, medium sized MedTech company.

Business Case Validation

International Medical Device Company

Our client needed to decide whether to purchase a new technology in order to grow business. MEDICALBOARD performed a business assessment and a business case validation to find out, if the investment was justified and would lead to a growth in sales. Based on feedback from numerous field visits, MEDICALBOARD found out that the potential market size was much smaller than expected and as a result questioned the strategic fit of the new technology.

Achievement Medicalboard

Our business case validation showed that the technology did not represent an ideal fit to our client’s needs and that the accessible market potential was much smaller than estimated. The management team followed our recommendation not to invest in this technology.

Market Access Switzerland

Multinational Independent Care Provider

MEDICALBOARD was contacted by a global healthcare provider to assess and facilitate the market entry in Switzerland. The challenge of this project was to identify and contact key experts in Switzerland regarding the legal and regulatory constraints for market entry. Based on findings from expert interviews MEDICALBOARD outlined possible market entry options and identified acquisition targets and potential cooperating partners to facilitate market entry.

Achievement Medicalboard

Within a very short period of time we were able to identify and talk to key legal and regulatory experts in Switzerland to assess possible market entry options as well as to present possible acquisition targets and cooperating partners to facilitate market entry.

European Training Sites

Global Orthopaedic Company

MEDICALBOARD was appointed to evaluate European anatomy training sites and to develop different strategic business options to hold courses. We categorized European labs, provided a competitive overview helping to evaluate the European training sites of our client. After identifying the available infrastructure and carrying out a comprehensive SWOT analysis, MEDICALBOARD sketched up various business models on how to further develop and organize European training sites.

Achievement Medicalboard

Within a very short time span we analyzed our client’s European training sites. Based on the results our client could make an informed decision in which direction to further develop their training department.