Core Competencies & Services

Our well founded know-how and many years of experience in the healthcare industry allow us to offer a wide range of consulting services in eight core areas.


Strategy & Business Development

Sharpen your strategy

Today healthcare companies have to respond fast and act flexible to be a successful leader in the changing environment.

MEDICALBOARD helps you to shape your business for the future.
We analyze your business idea and corporate strategy.
We verify the strategic fit.
We set-up and align your strategy.
We validate business cases.
We implement new business ideas.


Market Segmentation & Customer Targeting

Know your target customer and be consistent

Customer responsive companies with a clear value based focus along the entire value chain will be the winning healthcare organizations.

MEDICALBOARD uses a structured approach to analyze the customer journey to understand their needs and to take decisions for further developments.



Content Marketing

Be where your customers are looking for you

Search engines, social media, artificial intelligence and vocal search have changed and will change the way your customers, be it healthcare professionals or patients or both, interact with you and your team. Content Marketing delivers relevant information to your customers when and where they are looking for it. MEDICALBOARD has partnered with Creative Content Marketing to enhance its offerings to include Content Marketing Solutions.

Together with Creative Content Marketing we analyze your homepage and your digital footprint. We develop customer journeys, sales funnels and buyers’ personae. We deliver SEO for relevant keyword analysis.

We help you frame a map on how to inform, how to entertain and how to educate your target groups. We suggest communication strategies and actions for your stake holders, healthcare professionals, patients, employees. The toolbox for these strategies is wide: articles, blogs, newsletters, info-graphics, slide shows, videos, animations, apps, games, images, whitepapers, E-books, checklists, case studies etc.

To implement these strategies and actions, we conceive, develop and produce communication tools and connect the online to the offline world.

Finally, we implement analytics and key performance indicators to monitor the content marketing activities.



Distributor Performance

Become top of mind for your distributor

For SME’s the share and importance in their distributor’s portfolio is often small and it is challenging to increase sales.

MEDICALBOARD supports medical device companies to increase distributor performance:
We identify your business potential.
We conduct sales targeting and tracking.
We validate and apply sales tools.
We offer value added services.
We do close the loop conversations.


Key Opinion Leader Management

Bring your KOL Management to the next level

Successful clinical partnerships go beyond speeches and clinical studies.

MEDICALBOARD offers a workshop concept to discover future possibilities:
We help you to establish a KOL program.
We analyse current activities.
We develop an encompassing cooperation portfolio.
We develop different levels of activities for key persons.
We start a KOL program, driven by industry and healthcare professionals.


Project Management

Get your projects delivered

Delayed projects due to limited resources or lacking know-how are situations you might be confronted with in your organization.

MEDICALBOARD helps you to be effective and efficient in your projects:
We offer interim project management.
We implement project management processes.
We do project coaching.


Training & Coaching

If you need an outside view: Customized Training and coaching sessions

While our coaching sessions are aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs to build up their business, our training sessions are designed to bring a new spirit into your team and initiate valuable reflections.

The courses will encourage participants to rethink and sharpen their ideas and approaches. Our workshops can be held in English and German and can be customized to your needs.

In addition to our tailor-made sessions we offer various standard workshop topics.

For a complete overview of MEDICALBOARD’s workshop offerings please refer to the brochure below.

  MEDICALBOARD Workshop Offerings