23. June 2020

Defining the new normal together – join us for a virtual coffee

While colleagues and teams are coming together, pushing forward with optimism to achieve their commercial goals, the main challenge seems to be returning to some kind of new ‘normal’… but what does the new normal really look like? Particularly in regards to professional communications and customer engagement?

Engaging with customers and stakeholders in a meaningful way is a challenge at the best of times. Communicating maximum value through products and services within the healthcare environment requires ongoing innovation and the ability to challenge ourselves to always be exploring the right tools and tactics to communicate our value proposition…now more than ever.

If you are interested in some fresh thinking in regards to your marketing and communication responsibilities, join us for a virtual coffee.

We are happy to better understand the challenges you are facing and the professional support required. Perhaps our diversity could help you to set the right priorities – be it in product development, strategy definition or to find improved approaches at the interface of marketing & sales.

We at MEDICALBOARD are convinced that every success is based on a deep understanding of the reality of the environment and the dynamics we need to navigate.

To book your virtual coffee meeting contact us at virtualcoffee(at)medicalboard.ch

Or still hesitant about whether it’s worth doing it? Then you are welcome to view the following slides that hopefully bring us a little closer to you: MEDICALBOARD presentation